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The Vuforia Engine SDK is now integrated with the Unity Editor starting with 2017.2. You can select it when installing the Unity package. Vuforia Engine Package Hosting for Unity Starting with Vuforia Engine 8.6, the package for Unity is available through a scoped NPM (Node Package Manager) registry. This Vuforia registry needs to be added to your Unity project in order to access it through Unity Package Manager The Vuforia packages are available through a scoped NPM (Node Package Manager) registry. For more information on this, please see Vuforia Engine Package Hosting for Unity. Import the utility script, that is available at the Vuforia Engine Download Page, into your Unity project and it will make the necessary changes to your project The Vuforia Core Samples provide complete Unity scenes that show how to create AR experiences for everyday objects and environments using Vuforia targets and trackers. Register as a Vuforia Developer when you are ready to customize the samples with your own targets. Check out the Vuforia forum for tips, and developer support Starting with Unity 2019.2, Vuforia Engine is available through Unity's package manager service. Vuforia no longer needs to be installed with Unity, it can be added per project using the package manager window. The Vuforia Engine package can also be added directly from the player settings

Vuforia old plugins (Archive). Contribute to maximrouf/All_Vuforia_versions development by creating an account on GitHub Developers enrolled in the Vuforia Innovator Program have access to unlimited Model Target generations. I want direct support for issues I am facing, how can I get this level of help? You can get the answers you need directly from Vuforia experts with our Vuforia Innovator Program. Each subscription includes 3 incidents per year with additional incidents available for purchase separately.

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vuforia-unity-6-2-6.unitypackage. Then we go to Vuforia menu and tap 'Configuration'. There we paste our application license key that we've created previously while checking on 'Load MyTargets Database' and 'Active' properties in Datasets. Now we may say the fun part begins - let's upload some image for our augmented reality models and do some animation. For our demo. I have generated an object using the object Vuforia Object Scanner android app, uploaded it to a target library, and downloaded it as a unity package then installed it. I have a dev license which I have configured. My database shows up in Vuforia engine configuration. I have successfully imported image targets and had no issue. When I add a ModelTarget to the scene I am told I have no. today I tried to make an augmented reality model of a coloring page The first video of the series. In this video I walk you through downloading unity and the necessary tools required to build AR apps using the Vuforia engine... Vuforia Engine is the most widely used platform for AR development, with support for leading phones, tablets, and eyewear. Developers can easily add advanced computer vision functionality to Android, iOS, and UWP apps, to create AR experiences that realistically interact with objects and the environment. Version information Verified for Unity. Package version 8.1.12 is verified to work with.

Downloading the Vuforia Unity package. From the Downloads SDK tab, choose the link to Download for Unity and agree to the software license. This will begin the download of the Unity package, named something like vuforia-unity-x-x-x.unitypackage.The Downloads page for Vuforia 6.2 is shown in the following screenshot Vuforia - Download the core Vuforia unity package - vuforia-unity-5--5 (you must be a registered Vuforia developer before the download) and the eyeware samples vuforia-samples-eyewear-unity-5--5. MergeVR - download latest Merge SDK Unity package- MergeVR_version_v062 . Steps . Create a new empty Unity Project (4.6.*) Import the Merge SDK Unity package (MergeVR_version_v062.unitypackage.

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  1. Vuforia Engine gives you a wide variety of targets, tools, and platforms to make your experiences come to life. Vuforia Engine features . No matter where you want your AR experience to show up, Vuforia Engine has the technology to help you make it happen. Check out our array of powerful target types that will make your applications come to life. Model targets Area targets Image targets Multi.
  2. With Unity 2017.2 Vuforia is now provided as a module, you don't need to download anything form Vuforia. More Info here. Download package ONLY for Unity 2017.2 and newer: Download the PlayMakerVuforia Package here: PlayMakerVuforia.unitypackage or via the Ecosystem (make sure you download the one tagged Unity 2017
  3. FREE AR Business Card Crash Course: http://augmentedstartups.info/AR-business-card-Free-course-sp Enroll Here in the Full Vuforia MasterClass Course: http:..
  4. Vuforia with OpenCV for Unity Example Demo Video. Environment. Windows 10 Unity 2017.4.14f1 OpenCV for Unity 2.3.3. Setup. Setup Vuforia (Getting Started with Vuforia Engine in Unity)Import OpenCVForUnity2.3.3 from AssetStor
  5. A bit different from the usual content. Having come so far with the help of the YouTube community videos, I thought I should give back when possible. This tu..

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  1. 3D) et vuforia (moteur de reconnaissance de forme) 2.1 En détail L'application se compose d'éléments UI (user interface) qui se superposent à la réalité visualisée à travers une caméra. Les données affichées proviennent d'une base de données. Des scripts développés en C# permettent l'activation des éléments et les interactions
  2. This is a getting started guide for augmented reality development. A short but complete tutorial on how to set up Vuforia with Unity 5.6.0f3 personal. In the end you will have a 3D cube on a marker. Create Account at Unity; Download Unity 5.6.0f3; Create Account at Vuforia; Login into Vuforia.com and download the .unitypackage via Download for.
  3. Under the XR Settings panel, enable the Vuforia Augmented Reality Support property. From Unity Docs. share | improve this answer | follow | edited Jun 20 at 9:12. Community ♦ 1 1 1 silver badge. answered Feb 12 '19 at 10:49. Nuwan Alawatta Nuwan Alawatta. 1,445 13 13 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. 2. In new versions of Unity (I'm using 2019.2.10f1) there is no Vuforia Augmented Reality.
  4. Pour plus de didacticiels de réalité augmentée, veuillez visiter ici: 1. http://www.instructables.com/id/Augmented-Reality-using-AR-media-plugin

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  1. Import vuforiaCloudRecoApp.unitypackage in this newly created empty unity project. Enable Vuforia. In unity 2019.3 and plus you have to go to package manager and search for Vuforia Engine AR, then click install. In older unity versions go to player settings and enable vuforia in XR settings . Final Step
  2. Créez des projets en 3D temps réel pour les secteurs des jeux vidéo, de l'animation, du cinéma, de l'automobile, des transports, de l'architecture, de l'ingénierie et de la construction. Visualisez et lancez les simulations pour des projets industriels en 3D, RA et RV
  3. We will have two packages, one corresponding to our dataset (Image_Targets.unitypackage) and the other corresponding to Vuforia 5 SDK for Unity (vuforia-unity-5--5.unitypackage) which can be.
  4. Vuforia SDK 3.0 with Smart Terrain feature and HD Camera View - Duration: 4:46. Vuforia by PTC 29,209 views. 4:46. Autodesk Inventor - BMW M5 Rim DesignTutorial - Duration: 17:55..

Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers We need a unity package to get Vuforia integrated in our Unity project. The package you need is not easily found. Go to https: The zip file, currently version 6.2.10, contains the unity package we need. Get the Hololens-6-2-10.unitpackage from the zip file. Go to Assets à Import package à Custom package and select this file. The package will now be imported into your project. Select the.

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  1. Vuforia can be installed with Unity Package Manager. Unity 2019.1. Vuforia needs to be installed simultaneously when you install Unity with Unity Hub by clicking Vuforia checkbox. License. Vuforia Developer Portal > Develop > License Manager > Get Development Key. Unity Editor > Window > Vuforia Configuration > App License Key > Paste.
  2. Figure 8: Downloading Vuforia Target Database for Unity. Open the [database name].unitypackage file once it is downloaded. In Unity, the Import Unity Package window will automatically open, select Import to add the database items. The database will be added and will now be listed in the Vuforia Configuration panel
  3. This downloads a .unitypackage. Now inside Unity, go to Assets>Import New Assets... and locate to the .unitypackage you downloaded. This is how you import your database. If you haven't Imported the Vuforia package Unity Extension then you simply need to download it from the Downloads section and Import it through the Assets>Import Package> Custom Package. Now ideally to work with AR, you would.
  4. Vuforia quick install guide. Android devices and Unity 3D models edition . Welcome to the new age of product design and customer experience!! Using augmented reality you can create a whole new experience. This quick install guide will get you started building augmented reality applications using Vuforia, a PTC Inc. product used by thousands of developers across the globe. The way it works is.
  5. Vuforia Studio can transform your existing CAD and IoT data into detailed AR experiences that provide critical information to front-line workers when and where they need it most. Realize the value of 3D AR training, instructions and visualizations for: • Increasing worker productivity and satisfaction • Reducing the cost of errors, waste and accidents • Improving customer experiences and.

Here you will navigate to the folder in which you've downloaded the Vuforia for Unity Package (vuforia-unity-xx-yy-zz.unitypackage). When creating the Unity project, avoid using spaces in the name if targeting iOS because this causes problems later when you build with Xcode. Obtain a License Key . In order to use the Vuforia-Unity package you will need to create a License key for it to build. Solved: Hello, I have been stuck on the webpage shown in attachment for days, unable to download the Vuforia Studio Free Trial. Any tips/help? Cara Instal Unity Berikut ini merupakan langkah-langkah untuk menginstal software Unity pada sistem operasi windows. 1. Download Unity pada website http://unity3d.com. Podrias porfavor subir el vuforia-unity-android-ios-2--31.unitypackage q indicas en tu tutorial, ya que en la pag oficial de vuforia se encuentra la ultima versio 2.8.7, y al importaelo al unity 4.0 pro, que es con el q trabajo, me dan errores, como por ejemplo en la imagetarget en su script no me da la oopcion de cargar la package generado en vuforia. Y como no tengo el unity 4.3.2 con su. In this first part of our tutorial series on making physical objects come to life on HoloLens, we are going to set up Vuforia in Unity. I would plan to keep a Vuforia tab open in your web browser throughout most of this tutorial, and when developing in general, since Vuforia development is tied to their website. As a result, you must have an account, a license key, and you have to use their.

MPU_Balance.unitypackage. Nous construisons ici une planche d'équilibre ordinateur connecté.Vous pouvez alors, avec votre « solde », commande une carte sur le PC où vous pouvez collecter des pièces et atteindre le prochain niveau.Un unitypackage est inclus.Let ' s start,Ét The Vuforia Hololens sample that can be found in the Unity asset store is severely outdated (using the old Holotoolkit, not MRTK), so it is not very useful to me. I noticed that older versions of Vuforia allow the script on the camera to be set to world center: camera, but this option is now forced to device when Vuforia is configured for the hololens. Can anyone tell me how to properly. Augmented Reality Tutorial using Unity3D and Vuforia. This is one of the simplest Augmented Reality tutorial using Unity3D and Vuforia. Camera is pointed to the image target, which is recognized, tracked and virtual character added on top of it. You can use variety of awesome looking effects, 3D models and their animations from Unity Asset Store to make your AR solution look as good as possible

Discover the best assets for game making. Choose from our massive catalog of 2D, 3D models, SDKs, templates, and tools to speed up your game development process Vuforia In this tutorial, we are going to use it for Unity only. Go to Vuforia's official site , complete the registration process and download the Vuforia unity package on the download page In the Import Unity Package window, click the Import button. Select the ARCamera from the Hierarchy window and, in the Inspector window, navigate to the Vuforia Behaviour (Script) component and click on the Open Vuforia configuration button. Accessing Vuforia configuration settings. In the Vuforia Configuration window, under Datasets, select and check both the Load [DatabaseName] Database and. Vuforia is only supported on Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android). But you want to test on Windows, you can run your app and test in unity Editor mode with webcamera attached. I hope it will answer your question. share | improve this answer | follow | edited Jun 25 '15 at 5:42. Pang. 8,218 17 17 gold badges 73 73 silver badges 111 111 bronze badges. answered Jun 16 '15 at 12:53. Rahul Lalit Rahul. Vuforia lets a user download a database of targets as a Unity Package which can be quite useful, since this allows both the database xml and dat files to be imported into Unity directly, along with all of the related imagery needed to display the targets in the database in the Unity Editor's Scene view. Since the actual package itself is not needed in the Unity project, only the contents of.

Vuforia for Unity It is downloaded as a Unity package. Version 6.2 was used for this post. No need to download Google VR libraries separately. Vuforia supports Google Cardboard natively as of version 5.5. Steps. We will not use Vuforia samples. We will set up the Unity project from Scratch. 1. Start a new Unity project. Launch Unit 3D Dinosaur assets unitypackage (Download in google drive) Vuforia SDK (included in Unity_Assets_Librarys folder or can be downloaded in Vuforia official website ) Unity; images can be found in material folder; Smart phone which support ARCore; 1. Unity . Import AR_Demo folder into Unity. 2. Script. Animation scripts can be found in assets/script inside the AR_Demo folder. 3. Deploy the. Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension v4.2.3 (*.unitypackage file) Unity3D extension is also available to download from here Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment the Content and Create the Tracker (*.jpg file

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You create Unity scene, add here vuforia-unity unitypackage, add vuforia engine license and you can see new class of Unity Game Objects - Vuforia objects. First of all - AR-camera, then - image as a target container/ And after that you can add in Hierarchy under Image native Unity object - Quad. After that you can put into Quad new quad-component- Player for mp4 (or another video format). You. Using Vuforia's Unity package it is easy to develop an AR based application. The full tutorials can be found in Vuforia's web page: Getting Started with the Unity Extension. Here is the outline: Download vuforia-unity-android-ios-xx-yy-zz.unitypackage here, or directly download this file here. Drag this unitypackage file to Unity3d, this will import the entire package. Click import button.

Vuforia Core Samples (235) FREE. Quick Look. Avionx. Skybox Series Free (163) FREE. Quick Look. Allegorithmic. Substance in Unity (312) FREE. Quick Look. JustCreate. Low-Poly Simple Nature Pack (27) FREE. Quick Look. Ansimuz. Warped Caves (38) FREE. Quick Look. Vinicius Marques. 3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode (717) FREE. Quick Look. Supercyan. Character Pack: Free Sample (122) FREE. Quick. ity I've tried downloading the legacy Unitypackage from Vuforia's website, but it's out of date and doesn't contain some of the things included in the classes added by the built-in version. Is there any way to use the latest Vuforia into Unity Linux editor? screen-shot-2018-01-20-at-100720.png (13.6 kB) xr-settings.png (8.0 kB) Comment. Add comment. 10 |3000 characters needed characters left. I want to gather every file in a unity package using the script I use to generate all architecture libraries. I didn't find anything on that yet, I'm feeling it's not possible. If it is, what's the procedure ? Comment. Add comment. 10 |3000 characters needed characters left characters exceeded Viewable by all users; Viewable by moderators; Viewable by moderators and the original poster. Using Vuforia's Unity package it is easy to develop an AR based application. The full tutorials can be found in Vuforia's web page: Getting Started with the Unity Extension. Here is the outline: Download vuforia-unity-android-ios-xx-yy-zz.unitypackage here, or directly download this file here. Drag this unitypackage file to Unity3d, this will import the entire package Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file) Unity3D is also available to download from here. Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension (*.unitypackage file) Unity3D extension is also available to download from here. Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment the Content and Create the Tracker (*.jpg file

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We now need to import the Vuforia .unitypackage files (both the SDK and the image target). After your import is done, your Project should look like this. To complete this step, it's useful to directly load the model that we want to show in our augmented reality world. In my opinion, this is the easiest way: Right-click the Assets-folder in the Project; Select Reveal in Finder (Probably. : 2D VuforiaAR : Vuforia UnityPackage o : Vuforia , 5.31) : TouchDrag Screen touch o : ImageTargetManager ' : GetTexture ' 3D 9.28 3D : UV X 10.Shader : vuforia-sdk-android-8-6-7_0 argames.unitypackage. Welcome! ! ! Front-page it | Collect it | Description: argames.unitypackage Downloaders recently: [More information of uploader 超超2020] To Search: File list (Click to check if it's the file you need, and recomment it at the bottom): 文件名 大小 更新时间; build: 0 : 2019-12-04 build\java: 0 : 2019-12-04 build\java\Vuforia.

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Vuforia Spatial Toolbox doesn't care about how targets are organized into databases - as you'll see later, we just create and download a single target at a time. But you need to create at least one database to store your targets in. You might decide to create multiple databases in the future to organize your targets. For now, click on Add Database. The name of your database doesn. # Vuforia. For Vuforia, starting with an empty project, open the Package Manager window by clicking on Window -> Package Manager and install the AR Foundation package. This is necessary to avoid scripting errors in the project, even though AR Foundation is not actually used here. Next, import the Unity AR+GPS Location package, either from the asset store, or from a .unitypackage you have.

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vuforia-unity-5--10.unitypackage; file_name.unitypackage; Set the AR Camera and Target Image in the Scene; Assets-> Vuforia->Prefabs; Drag the ARCamera into the scene; Drag the ImageTarget into the scene; Inspetor-> Image Target Behaviour (Script) -> Data Set-> choose your dataset; Download the 3D model ; In the Unity menu: Window-> Asset store, select a 3D model then import it. Add the model. Sign In. Details.

CS 4903 - Vuforia + Unity Instructions . Creating Trackables Download your trackables from the Vuforia site (as a .unitypackage) Preparing the Assets If you have animated characters, open files and make sure the texturing looks OK. If animations are in separate files (like the Donut King): Rename the default (non-animated) file to donutking.ma. Name the other files donutking@idle.ma. Selanjutnya klik kanan pada kolom hirarki, Lalu pilih Vuforia Engine > ARCamera, lalu tekan import, lihat gambar bawah biar jelas. 9. Klik menu Aset > Import Package > Custome Package, lalu pilih file unitypackage yang kita downloda tadi dari Vuforia (database tadi lo I need to integrate Zxing with vuforia to make a QR code scanning app in Unity? I have no idea how to integrate Zxing with Vuforia in unity.Can someone guide me how to do this?I have Zxing .dll files and Vuforia unity package.Thanks in Advance Build and run the sample app. Caution: Targeting Android 11 (API level 30) with versions of Unity 2020.1 or earlier requires special Gradle configuration. See Building for Android 11 with Unity for more details. Enable developer options and USB debugging on your device.. Connect your device to your development machine. In the Unity Build Settings window, click Build and Run Файлы типа unitypackage вы можете использовать только в редакторе. Единственное api, работающее с ними - AssetDatabase, класс, доступный только в редакторе unity. Как вариант решения, вы можете попробовать пересылать информацию о.

Import the SDK unitypackage which you downloaded in Step 2. Import the Dataset unitypackage which you download in Step 6. Step 8 Delete the Main Camera in the scene and add the ARCamera prefab. The prefab can be found under Vuforia -> Prefabs -> ARCamera Step 9 Add a new ImageTarget prefab to the scene 1. Introductory AR in Unity 3d using Vuforia Dr James Birt 2. Requirements • Unity 5.3 or higher • Android with rear facing camera • Vuforia Developers Account (free) • vuforia-samples-core-unity-5-5-9.zip 3. Create new Project 4. Import Vuforia ImageTargets-5-5- 9.unitypackage 5 Now that we've set up Vuforia in Unity, we can work on the more exciting aspects of making physical objects come to life on the HoloLens. In this guide, we will choose an image (something that you physically have in your home), build our ImageTarget database, and then set up our Unity camera to be able to recognize the chosen image so that it can overlay the 3D holographic effect on top of it Vuforia SDK 6-2-6: I imported everything other than the pieces clearly labelled iOS and Android much as I did in my previous blog post. The unity package called TestDevice that I'd just downloaded from the Vuforia site containing my Shortbread model. I then set up my project for HoloLens development as I do at the start of this video so as to configure the project and the scene for HoloLens.

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Re-directing... You are being re-directed, if nothing happens, please follow this linkfollow this lin Note: I need the file to be delivered as Unity package and then to be uploaded to the app stores. We will send all the assets, you need to the unity part alone. Thanks. Skills: Unity 3D, Vuforia. See more: unity 3d model assets, scanned 3d model, package 3d model, unity 3d, order a 3d model, order 3d model, letters 3d model, letter 3d model, image to 3d model, bomb 3d model, alphabet 3d model. Download # Download and Import Vuforia Core Features for Unity3D (*.unitypackage file) You I am using unity and vuforia (user defined target). I am recognizing objects as targets (followed this tutorial), but my virtual 3D object and canvas are unstable, and the extended tracking doesn't work like in image targets. Have some experience with this, does this happened to you sometime. I. Introduction: In this tutorial, we will see how to make an AR coloring app using unity 2018.2.1f1, Vuforia 7.5.26 and Region Capture 2.0.9. we will also use an image as a texture for a 3D model. AR Coloring App Using Unity and Vuforia: Setting Region Capture and Vuforia: First, open a unity project and [

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A few months ago, I started looking into different Augmented Reality frameworks and used Unity & Vuforia to create AR posters, like this one: When you see the Unity component selection. Installing Vuforia Unity Extension • Create new Unity Project • Import the Vuforia Unity Extension • Double clicking the *.unitypackage file • Eg vuforia-unity-5--6.unitypackage • Manually install package • Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package • The extension archive will self install • folders, plugins and libraries, et Setting up your project to develop Vuforia AR or MR mobile applications is very similar to the set-up process for building with Unity for a mobile platform. The Unity Installer includes the Vuforia SDK. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing Unity on the InstallingUnity manual page. Vuforia provides a selection of Prefabs designed to be dropped into a Scene to provide feature.

Lastly, the provided Unity Package here does not include all the Vuforia components, so you'll need to import them first yourself into your project. Posted by Unknown at 4:46 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: C#, camera feed, csharp, decode, decoder, QR, QR Code, tutorial, Unity, Unity3D, Vuforia, Zxing. 25 comments: segaliu October 19. In this Augmented Reality Virtual Buttons tutorial Unity3d and Vuforia are used. These Virtual Buttons changes 3D character models. Download # Unity3D 32bit (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file) Unity3D is also available to download from here. Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension (*.unitypackage file As the title says, does anyone have a link to .unitypackage containing an older version of Vuforia? Particularly QCAR 2, but Vuforia 3 will do as well. 8 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted . This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. AlJardino. 1 point · 4 years ago. I've uploaded the unitypackage for Vuforia 3.0.9. Vuforia 7 Use the Vuforia SDK to build Android, iOS, and UWP applications for mobile devices and digital eyewear. Apps can be built with Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio, and Unity. As of Unity 2017.2, the Vuforia Engine is delivered with the latest version of Unity. A legacy version of the Vuforia Unity Extension is provided to assist with.


Drag the Vuforia Unity package into Unity and hit import all. Remove the main camera from the scene. Back in Unity go to the Vuforia folder, prefabs, and drag in the ARCamera prefab into the scene view. Click on the ARCamera and off to the right there will be button to open Vuforia configuartion. Click that button. Paste in your Vuforia license key. Now when you click play you should see. Augmented Reality Tutorial for Beginners With Vuforia and Unity 3D : This tutorial shows you how to make an augmented reality app in Unity 3D with Vuforia. The game is an interactive ball maze that can be built to Android or IOS. It utilizes the front facing camera to track an image target. This video also goes thr

Unity Vuforia AR Demo - UnityListTutorial Vuforia | Crear aplicacion de realidad aumentada

Download everything below and follow instructions in the video above: Download # Unity3D (download and install it) (*.exe file) Unity3D is also available to download from here. Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension (*.unitypackage file) Unity3D extension is also available to download from here. Download # Download and Import EdgarasArt tracker in Unity3D (*.unitypackage file Augmented Reality Vuforia Extended Tracking. This is Augmented Reality Vuforia Extended Tracking tutorial that shows how to use Extended Tracking feature. It's pretty simple just check the box! Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file) Unity3D is also available to download from her Assets - vuforia-unity-6-2-6 (Unity package file (.unitypackage)) import unity package file (I Made a Beckup.Go Ahead!) Main Camera törlése a Hierarchy-ból - jobbklikk delete. ARCamera behelyezése és beállítása: Assets >> Vuforia >> Prefabs -ből a Hierarchy-ban található Unititled-re húzzuk az ARCamera-t. Licensz-kulcs megadása az ARCamerá-na: Az ARCamera-ra kattintva. Before you can download the Unity package, Vuforia will ask you to create a user profile. This is different from the user profile that you just created for Unity. Write down your username and password because you will need them later to access other areas of the Vuforia developer website. Next, you will need to import the augmented reality package you just downloaded from the Vuforia website. Augmented reality (AR) seamlessly merges the real world with virtual objects to support realistic, intelligent, and personalized experiences. Making this possible requires the next level of immersion, artificial intelligence (AI), and connectivity within the thermal and power envelope of wearable glasses

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